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Welcome to the Fastest Selling Affiliate Program for Background Checks

Our easy-to-use website is one of the fastest selling background check sites according to Clickbank -- and weíre not stopping until we reach the top! Now you can tap into the ever-expanding background check market with one of the industry leaders.

Earn a Whopping 75% Commission on EACH Sale!

Why have we been able to stick around for so long? Simple -- we know what it takes to convert visitors into customers and how to keep our affiliates happy. We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on data fees, ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction ratings and incredibly low refund rates. Are you worried about bounce rates and customer retention? Well, our enticing teaser search ensures you will keep more people than you ever lose. Stop wasting your time with search programs that barely break-even. Itís time to try the real deal -- itís time for BackgroundReport360.com!

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